Oahu Hot Sauce - Guava and Hibiscus Hawaii Hot Sauce
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Oahu Hot Sauce - Guava and Hibiscus Hawaii Hot Sauce
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Oahu Hot Sauce - Guava and Hibiscus Hawaii Hot Sauce

This Guava and Hibiscus Hot Sauce is very unique!
Excellent on sushi & sashimi. Oahu is known as the Gathering Place. Native Hawai'ian ali'i (chiefs) from the other islands visited here regularly to take advantage of the regular surf and steady breezes gracing Waikiki. We still get the occasional visitor from off the island. The Guava- Hibiscus blend which we use in our Oahu Hot Sauce makes for both a lively taste and a wonderful bouquet. We think it's a fitting testimonial to the Oahu of our dreams. Toss out the butter, sour cream and cheese. Use Oahu on plain baked potatoes -- you'll be amazed at the flavor, and no fat to worry about! 5 oz bottle Comment: "...I'm addicted to your sauces ~ try this recipe...good for dipping Edamame or marinating chicken for the grill ~ I call it 'A little bit of dat sauce' cuz you use a little bit or dis and dat! Mix these together using a little bit of each:Hibiscus Hot Sauce, Shoyu,Ponzu Sauce, Rice Vinegar,Sake, Brown sugar, Vietnamese Chili Sauce Enjoy!" writes Lori

A Made in Hawaii, USA Hawaii Hot Sauce.

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